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Yes I agree completely This really is what we are about. It is not the nitty
gritty of process, but what do we achieve at the end of that process,
Does the image live, does it bite you, is it dangerous or banal or charming
or lovely. Only time will tell !


> Thanks for the 'charming and lovely' post Dave.
> Jack Fulton
> On Feb 8, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Dave Rose wrote:
>> "In the last decade of the nineteenth century a movement in
>> photography emerged that had as its basis the artistic style known as
>> Pictorialism. The aim of this photographic style was to make poetic,
>> expressive photographs related to, and, in some cases derived from, the
>> traditional arts in matters of content and meaning. A tenet was that
>> in
>> issues of craft or technique, the act of making a fine photographic
>> print
>> was analogous to the creative and tangible articulation of materials
>> in any
>> medium. In terms of a distinctive succession of events such as
>> exhibitions,
>> publications, and museum recognition, the movement lasted from 1890 to
>> the
>> end of World War I. An international endeavor, its objective was to
>> assure
>> photography an essential place within contemporary pictorial
>> expression."
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