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Thanks for the 'charming and lovely' post Dave.
Jack Fulton

On Feb 8, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Dave Rose wrote:

> "In the last decade of the nineteenth century a movement in
> photography emerged that had as its basis the artistic style known as
> Pictorialism. The aim of this photographic style was to make poetic,
> expressive photographs related to, and, in some cases derived from, the
> traditional arts in matters of content and meaning. A tenet was that
> in
> issues of craft or technique, the act of making a fine photographic
> print
> was analogous to the creative and tangible articulation of materials
> in any
> medium. In terms of a distinctive succession of events such as
> exhibitions,
> publications, and museum recognition, the movement lasted from 1890 to
> the
> end of World War I. An international endeavor, its objective was to
> assure
> photography an essential place within contemporary pictorial
> expression."
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