Re: Chrome Alum Gelatin hardener

Date: 02/08/04-03:31:05 PM Z
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Clay, you leave me curious-- have you experienced the yellowing from
glyoxal yourself, or only *heard* about it? I've used glyoxal for about 5
years, and only seen this yellowing on a couple of occasions -- and that
*not* over the whole print, just along an edge that had a heavy rim of
gelatin. (And disappeared after a long soak in water.)

I definitely have experienced this, and very consistently at that. After about
4-5 days, the sizing just goes yellow on me if I haven't taken it through the
'wet steps' at least once. I tried getting rid of it with soaking, then some
bisulfite, and it just proved to be very stubborn and did not disappear once
it showed up. FWIW, it seems to be related to the amount of air to which the
print is exposed. The print on top of a stack always yellows first, followed
by the ones with the more restricted circulation. I suppose it is possible
that I have some bum glyoxal - I am working from the same bottle that I bought
two or three years ago.

But yes, it has been real issue with me.

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