Chrome Alum Gelatin hardener

Date: 02/08/04-08:37:43 AM Z
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This question may be directed more at Sandy, if you are listening. I am in
full-blown psuedo-panic mode preparing my gumover portfolio for Fotofest, and
am thinking that my usual method of using glyoxal as my gelatin sizing
hardener is a little limiting for my new assembly line approach to printing,
since I have to hit the prints with gum fairly soon after the sizing step. The
glyoxal works fine when I do a handful of prints at a time and know that I am
going to get to them in a few days, but they always represent a ticking time-
bomb after I size the prints.

I did a web search and saw that you are using chrome alum as a non-yellowing
gelatin hardening agent for your carbon paper support. Since I have some of
that on hand, and I am having some problems getting formalin, I think that may
the best hardening agent to use.

 In your carbon book, you recommend 2g of chrome alum/1000ml of gelatin
solution. This seems like a very tiny amount. Is that about the right
proportion to get a 'medium' hard gelatin coat? And you recommend waiting
about 5 days for the hardening to fully occur. Is that still your experience?


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