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It is a little more complicated here since you have the two exposures to
calculate, one for the screen and one for the image. I think I would keep the
ratio of the two exposures the same and reduce both by an equivalent percent to
get closer to standard exposure. Is there a standard ratio of exposure for
Image/Screen? There has to be an optimum ratio for a given exposure source,
screen density, and solarplate material type (I think there is more than one
type of material that can be used to make the plate.) If I understand
correctly, the post exposure hardens the final developed image, so that doesn't affect
anything as long as it is suffecient to do the hardening job.

Proecesses that also have a mechanical development variable like this and gum
and others get tricky when trying to keep variables constant.

Going back to my other post, if you had steps 1,2, &3 merging, then at least
you know have have given enough exposure, and all you need to do to get to a
standard exposure is back off 1/2 stop to get just steps 1&2 merging. From
there you can back off by a "partial half stop that makes you happy" to get
differentiation also between steps 1 and 2.

Just some thoughts on it, I've never done the process, so what do I know?
hehehehe But I would be interested if this approach to getting to your standard
exposure value might be appropriate—comments and criticisms welcome.

Mark Nelson
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> Mark,
> In talking with David he said to try and do 1min30sec to 2min screen and see
> what happens I may try that next week to much to dothis week end.
> Jan
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