Re: UV exposure light boxes/Solar plate

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Date: 02/07/04-11:54:54 AM Z
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If I understand correctly, the plate is showing at this point tone up through
step 11 with no tone in step 12. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are merged, thus the
plate is over exposed by at least 1/2 stop?

I understand that printing it is the final proof where you would evaluate

Mark Nelson

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> Mark,
> The inter-session and I can now  think.  The base exposure
> was 1 min with a D/Welden screen.  And a 1min.30sec image
> exposure, 3 to 4min was out.  Post exposure 10 to 15min.
> Visual is tone starts in 4 and goes to 11 on a Stouffer Graphic
> Arts scale TP4x5.  I have yet to ink this plate so this may change
> the values in the final print.
> Jan Pietrzak
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