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Does the organization have a web site?

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> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for your reply. I was a member of this organization for
> several years and published an article in its journal on the Spanish
> Pictorialist  Jose Ortiz-Echague, when the editor was Russ Young. In
> fact, I think I may even have been some kind of officer in the
> organization just before it became inactive.
> I wish you well in your work with the organization. Other the
> exhibition, what others ways do you envision promoting Pictorialism?
> Just curious if the organization has any kind of statement that
> describes what the term "Pictorial" means, and what it includes and
> excludes? If so I wonder if you might might share the statement with
> us. As someone who has spent a lot of time studying and writing about
> Pictorialism I for one would be most interested in an exchange of
> ideas on the subject.
> Sandy King
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