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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. I was a member of this organization for
several years and published an article in its journal on the Spanish
Pictorialist Jose Ortiz-Echague, when the editor was Russ Young. In
fact, I think I may even have been some kind of officer in the
organization just before it became inactive.

I wish you well in your work with the organization. Other the
exhibition, what others ways do you envision promoting Pictorialism?

Just curious if the organization has any kind of statement that
describes what the term "Pictorial" means, and what it includes and
excludes? If so I wonder if you might might share the statement with
us. As someone who has spent a lot of time studying and writing about
Pictorialism I for one would be most interested in an exchange of
ideas on the subject.

Sandy King

>Thank you for your question. The New Pictorialist Society was founded in
>1967 and is incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation. The organization
>exists to promote the understanding, appreciation and practice of Pictorial
>Photography. The roots of Pictorialism extend back to the 19th century.
>Indeed, Fox Talbot pursued the invention of photography as a means of his
>own pictorial expression. As the processes improved and Kodakers abounded,
>photo-artists banded together to encourage each other's photographic
>expression and to set themselves apart from the snap-shooters. Alfred
>Stieglitz, Clarence White, the Linked Ring, etc., were motive forces in the
>late 19th and early 20th century working to establish Photography as among
>the fine arts.
>Modernism, abstractionism and the pursuit of scientific perfection, among
>other forces in the 1930's, gave rise to the misguided term "straight
>photography" and those photographers of the F-64 ilk were vociferous in
>denouncing Pictorialism as not a legitimate style of photography. It is
>unfortunate that pictorialism was so undermined but, fortunately, there are
>still photographers today who continue to work in the Pictorialist style.
>The New Pictorialist Society is a resource to encourage their work. The
>organization was quite active throughout the 1970's and 1980's but the costs
>of publishing newsletters and serving a world-wide community could not be
>sustained and the organization reduced its formal activities in the early
>1990's. Now, with the Internet and desk-top publishing, The New
>Pictorialist Society is being re-energized.
>It was interesting to read people's comments about the high cost of paying
>to be in a Gallery show. The NPS sponsored Gallery Exhibit is a good
>example of how NPS as a non-profit corporation can serve the community. We
>have selected a venue that has been made available as a promotion for the
>gallery. The only cost to exhibit, if selected, is 20 bucks paid to NPS,
>not the gallery. The NPS will promote the exhibit and encourage sales and
>will only take 20% of actual proceeds to process the transaction. The catch
>is that this is a Pictorialism Exhibition. Although pictorialists used gum
>bichromate, platinum, bromoil, carbon and many other "control" techniques to
>achieve the Pictorialist image, not all gum bichromate, platinum, bromoil,
>carbon or other control process is automatically a pictorial image. Some
>folks like merlot and some folks like white zinfandel. We are
>We believe one important feature of a Pictorial image is the personal
>involvement by the Photo-Artist in creating the final image. Often this
>goes well beyond dodge-and-burn tactics of a silver-gelatin print and makes
>the resulting image truly one-of-a-kind that would not be easy to duplicate,
>much less mass produce. Isn't this a key ingredient in a work of Art.
>A photograph may be a picture but is it Pictorial? We hope many of you
>consider exploring your portfolio, perhaps you'll find a Pictorial image or
>two that are candidates for this exhibit.
>Best regards,
>Jim Flack
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>> Could you please elaborate on The New Pictorialism Society? Is this a
>> resurrection of a society by the same name that existed in the 70s
>> and 80s and, as best I understand, became inactive or defunct in the
>> early 90s?
>> Sandy King
>> >Many Alt-Photo workers are familiar with Photo Pictorialism and some work
>> >the Pictorialist style today.
>> >
>> >The New Pictorialist Society is sponsoring a gallery exhibit of
>> >photo-pictorialism entitled, "EXPRESSIVE IMAGES - INTIMATE PHOTOGRAPHY".
>> >This juried exhibition will celebrate the vision and skill of
>> >photo-pictorialists who are working in the timeless style which
>> >photography among the fine arts of visual expression.
>> >
>> >The title of this exhibit conveys that these images reflect a personal
>> >expression by the artist in the style of Pictorialism and are produced
>> >through his/her intimate involvement with the photographic image-making
>> >process. Thus, the classic techniques, such as Bromoil, Gum Bichromate,
>> >Platinum/Palladium, Carbon, etc., are especially appreciated.
>> >
>> >The Gallery chosen for the exhibition is very well known to the community
>> >serious photography enthusiasts in Northern California. The exhibit will
>> >presented from April 15 to May 30, 2004. So, the application deadline is
>> >March 17. If you are interested in receiving application information,
>> >please email your request to:
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