Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy,beginners questions

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Date: 02/05/04-08:04:58 AM Z
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>> Your first print looks just as it should !! maybe slightly
>> thin but this is proberly due to the fact that you are using
>> the back side of the RC paper.Which has no surface texture
> Actually I'm not finished with it yet; what you see is only two coats. I
> plan to make at least 3 more coats (I'm using a quite light pigment - in
> the last layer, I plan to mix a heavy pigment and expose short around
> 1/3 time compared the previous layers for good shadow density)

I do realise this but you are spot on for this stage this anaemic thing will
with multiple coating turn into a creature sharp in tooth and claw.However
beware don't make your last coat to thick. Work with a 1to10 pigment to STEM
>> and therefore tends to print slightly lighter than Yupo but
>> at this stage it is of no matter.
> Yes, this is print is just for "practice" and learn how it looks like
> and how it feels like...

Fine I look forward to viewing your final print

>> Well done Loris,
> (and I'm a nitpicker, a person not easily
> pleased:

Can you believe it so am I

Pete >;-->>
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