Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

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Date: 02/04/04-09:16:57 PM Z
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I agree. There are many dry powdered pigments available that work
exceptionally well with gum. Cheap and easy with great results. Why even
bother using acrylic paint?

Dave in Wyoming

> I don't know if the addition of the acrylic resin will help or hurt the
> process...bear in mind that acrylic paints dry relatively quickly and once
dry are
> impermeable. Pure pigment is much more readily available now than it was
> even ten years ago...just about every art supply store that I frequent
carries a
> pretty complete line of pure pigments (Utrecht, Pearl) and the on-line
> like Jerry's Artarama and Dick Blick carry them too. Tube watercolors
> always the easiest source of pigment for gum and the vehicle that they are
> supported in is gum arabic (also available in art supply stores)
occurs to me
> that some pure pigments are not suitable for combination with gum arabic,
> however, and you might consult a sorcebook such as Meyers' handbook to be
> that certtain pigments and certain vehicles are compatible.
> best
> argon
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