Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

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Date: 02/04/04-08:54:37 AM Z
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I don't know if the addition of the acrylic resin will help or hurt the
process...bear in mind that acrylic paints dry relatively quickly and once dry are
impermeable. Pure pigment is much more readily available now than it was
even ten years ago...just about every art supply store that I frequent carries a
pretty complete line of pure pigments (Utrecht, Pearl) and the on-line stores
like Jerry's Artarama and Dick Blick carry them too. Tube watercolors were
always the easiest source of pigment for gum and the vehicle that they are
supported in is gum arabic (also available in art supply stores) occurs to me
that some pure pigments are not suitable for combination with gum arabic,
however, and you might consult a sorcebook such as Meyers' handbook to be sure
that certtain pigments and certain vehicles are compatible.


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