Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy,beginners questions

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Hi Dave,

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> Hi Loris,
> I followed this discussion. It looks like maybe you are not interpreting
> instructions correctly. Here is a few observations:
> 1. Unless Pete changed his instruction, the original instructions use
> acrylic. It sounds like you are using regular acrylic. Is that true? If
> the proportion of acrylic to the sensitizer might be too high.

Err. Yes; I use regular tube acrylic. I didn't see any liquid acrylic in the
art stores (only Ecoline branded liquid watercolors by Talens - I think
these are dye based highly fugitive colors for children). But this shouldn't
be a problem: I remember reading in "The Fundementals of Temperaprint" that
1/4 to 1" of tube pigment to 6 - 12 parts of STEM can be used in

> 2. The coating on the RC paper should be on the back side, not the gelatin
> side. The idea is to use the plastic/resin.

I see. That's something I was certainly doing wrong. I tried to coat to the
gelatine side. But isn't temperaprint suitable to make on a wide variety of
surfaces like glass, wood ect.? So the gelatine side of the RC paper
shouldn't be causing much problem (anyway will try with the backside too).

> 3. To coat using the foam roller, you should roll in the "emulsion" and
> roll on a piece of glass or tile, like you would do the inking in
> printmkaing; and then from the glass/tile, you roll to the yupo or RC
> That way you get a really thin and even layer or coating.

I have no idea how they ink in printmaking. Which is my biggest handicap I
think. (now I understand what Pete was refferring by saying "if you could
see it how it is done..."). Okay: I roll in the emulsion, then roll to a
piece of glass (if too damp then to a piece of newsprint) and then to the
paper. My problem with bubbles was because the foam brush was too damp then.

> I tried Temperaprint 5 or 6 years ago with Pete's help over emails. I got
> nice image on 3rd trial. At that time the synthetic paper Kimdura was hard
> to find, so I didn't do much further. Now that Yupo is so easy to get, I
> might do some printing with this method.

I will go to the store stocking Yupo tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and
evaluate the paper (I don't even know how much does it costs).

Thank you very much,
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