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Date: 02/03/04-06:13:56 PM Z
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If you are looking for a plate burner, I would recommend that you might find one
locally, as lots of print shops are going to digital pre-press and getting rid of
there plate burners. Find out who is supplying all the local print shops with
equipment and supplies, and talk to the guy there that knows all the printers. He
will know who is selling what, who is going out of business, etc.

Jack R.

Michael Slade wrote:

> Yeah, that's one of the reasons I'm really swinging towards a plate burner.
> Ones I've used in the past have just made BEAUTIFUL prints, and the vacuum
> easel feature can't be beat.
> I also liked the timers measured in Joules rather than me counting out
> minutes with the traditional UV bank, or worse yet estimating just how much
> UV the print was getting from the sun.
> Thanks!
> Michael Slade
> Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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