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Date: 02/03/04-01:00:59 PM Z
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on 2/3/04 9:54 AM, Sandy King at sanking@CLEMSON.EDU wrote:

> Michael,
> For prints up to 12X20 I think you would do about
> equally well with a bank of 10-12 24" BL tubes, a
> 1000 watt metal halide unit spaced about 35" from
> the printing frame, or a platemaker such as the
> NuARc 26-IK. Based on current ebay prices it will
> cost you about twice as much to buy a 26-IK as as
> to purchase the parts and assemble either the UV
> bank or a 1000 watt Luminaire metal halid unit.
> I would recommend a vacuum easel with either the
> UV bank of MH light, though you might be able to
> get away with a well adjusted printing frame with
> the HID lamp because it functions more like a
> point source. To counter this, you can get fairly
> decent consistency in exposures with the UV bank
> without a light integrator. With the platemaker
> you will get both light integration and vacuum
> easel built in.
> Someone will surely disagree with me buy in my
> experience there is no difference in image
> quality between the use of the two types of
> lights.
> Sandy
>> Sandy,
>> I'm getting ready to start doing very large carbons and pt/pd prints this
>> fall (12x20s and smaller...nothing bigger).
>> I have used plate burners in the past and am very satisfied with them. I'm
>> not aware of a unit that can handle a negative of that size that isn't
>> tremendously expensive.
>> I have some time to shop around and do my homework. Was wondering if you
>> had any suggestions.
>> Yeah, I can do a huge bank of UV lights, and just might decide in the end
>> that it is the best way to tackle this project, but if you know of any plate
>> burners that might fit the bill I'd appreciate it.
>> Thanks!
>> (sorry for the thread hi-jack)
>> Michael Slade
>> Tawąyama Safaris Inc.


Yeah, that's one of the reasons I'm really swinging towards a plate burner.

Ones I've used in the past have just made BEAUTIFUL prints, and the vacuum
easel feature can't be beat.

I also liked the timers measured in Joules rather than me counting out
minutes with the traditional UV bank, or worse yet estimating just how much
UV the print was getting from the sun.


Michael Slade
Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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