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Try asking around to some of the offset printing houses in your area.
Many offset printers use UV sensitive plates for printing jobs (I worked at
a newspaper in the 80s and 90s and we used one to print our weekly paper. It
was a very unusual choice - an expensive way to print a weekly paper, but
the company had gotten the press on the cheap.)

So we used a UV plate burner all the time. It may have been a NuArc, but I
wouldn't know model number or anything. We printed 17x32 sheets on the
press. So, the plate burner was at least that big.


Barry Kleider
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> Sandy,
> I'm getting ready to start doing very large carbons and pt/pd prints this
> fall (12x20s and smaller...nothing bigger).
> I have used plate burners in the past and am very satisfied with them.
> not aware of a unit that can handle a negative of that size that isn't
> tremendously expensive.
> I have some time to shop around and do my homework. Was wondering if you
> had any suggestions.
> Yeah, I can do a huge bank of UV lights, and just might decide in the end
> that it is the best way to tackle this project, but if you know of any
> burners that might fit the bill I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> (sorry for the thread hi-jack)
> Michael Slade
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