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Date: 02/03/04-09:29:01 AM Z
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I'm not sure which of two questions you are asking. Perhaps I should
drink more coffee this morning before answering??

If you mean that the three fixtures might be drawing too much AC for
your house/studio wiring, I doubt it. I will assume that you have 3
fixtures with two 20W bulbs each. That is a grand total of 120W or
about 1 amp (in the USA). That is barely more power than one typical
incandescent lightbulb.

If you mean that you might be drawing more power than your dual
fixtures allow, I would investigate that from the way you've described
them. Typically the bulbs have a watts rating on them (20W, 30W). Check
to make sure that you ballasts (fixture) is rated for two bulbs of that

Give us a bit more info, how far are the lights from the paper. How far
are the bulbs spaced apart? How long is your exposure and with what

These aren't "lightning fast" printing methods. Some of my
process/paper combos have a "standard exposure) of 13 minutes, and my
stetup has a lot more bulbs than yours.

On Tuesday, February 3, 2004, at 03:16 AM, Adam. Waterson wrote:

> Aight, so I just made a exposure unit. Using GE UVBL bulbs. I have 3
> dual fixtures in this box and I'm getting a weak exposure. It could
> be other factors, but I'm leaning towards thinking that the fixtures
> aren't delivering enough power to each of the bulbs.
> Does anyone know circuitry theory? I have 3 20Watt ballasts coming
> out of the single source of current. How many could I have without
> running risks of low voltage?
> Thanks to the techies.
> adam.
Tom Ferguson
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