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>> 1) do not use > potassium dichromate solution use amm dichromate
> Errr, I don't have access to ammonium dichromate right now. I understand
> that when one uses potdi instead of ammdi only the printing speed changes
> (due to the different saturated solution amounts: 10-15% with potdi, 25-35%
> with ammdi). Can't I make work the process with potdi - just by exposing
> say... two times longer than I would with ammdi

Yes you can but you will have to give a minimum of (4) four times the
exposure. My normal recommendation 4 to 12 mins exposure in direct sunlight
with pot dichromate

>> 1) Mix one spoon of acrylic into one spoon of stem with a stiff brush
>> 2) Then add another spoon of stem and mix thoroughly with the stiff
> brush
>> 3) Then ad a further four parts of stem = ditto =
>> 4) Then add one part washing up liquid. Magic ingredient !!
> Washing-up liquid? Are you referring to film wetting agents/washing aids
> like Ilfosol or Photoflo? Or is it something else? (again, perhaps a silly
> question from a non-native English speaker)

 No it is not silly at all I admire your mastery of the English language I
only wish I had your ability with foreign language

No it is what we wash our cups and dishes with in the kitchen after a meal.
you can use acrylic flow enhancer instead
>> ...
>>> in the emulsion. What can I do to make the pigment dissolve better? Is
> this
>>> some "operational" error or was is due to my errant mixing method? Or it
> is
>>> the choice of pigment that caused the error?
>> No you are just getting used to mixing

> Okay, you're saying whatever the pigment is, it will mix homogenously with
> good mixing practice and the aid of "washing up liquid". But I'm somehow
> suspicious with Winsor-Newton Galeria Burnt Umber (after seeing all these
> undissolved pigment particles)... anyway, time to try harder...

I to dislike Winsor-Newton paint but they do seem to have us at the moment
Liquitex has been my preferred acrylic paint but unfortunately they have
just been bought out by Winsor-Newton !!

At the moment I am looking at other alternatives. however their paint will
work with though mixing. I think you are getting oversensitive at this stage
Just make single coat and see what happens.

>>> I weren't pressing the brush then there was thousands of bubbles across
>>> where it passed.
>> When did I say you should use a foam brush it may work for gum but not
>> egg-tempera-print
>>> Question 2: What I did wrong with the foam brush
>> ? Using it
>>> Question 3: The unsuccessful coating with the foam brush looked very
> thin to
>>> me. What is the correct method
>> Don't use a foam brush use a foam roller
> Oopps! It seems that I made a serious typo, actually I used a "foam roller"
> not a "foam brush"! Maybe the roller wasn't of good quality. Anyway, will
> try with a glass rod untill I manage to find another type of roller (again,
> most stores are closed due to the religious fest). Don't know if I will
> manage to coat evenly with the glass rod but I'm sure I won't have these
> bubbles with it...

 It happens to me all the time. A glass rod wont work !!! If your coat is
very bubbly this a sign that you have to much water in the mix you must make
up the mix to my exact instructions.
> I've read your second message. Okay: I will coat, expose and develop - and
> repeat the cycle until I get satisfactory density and tone.

This is the way to do it Loris take your time don't be in a hurry. The first
coats will look too thin but then suddenly BINGO magic happens the whole
print will come together. Once my students have understood and seen this
for themselves we have few further problems.

> A last question: Do you change the STEM-pigment ratio in several coats (such
> like in gum: making a very diluted coat, expose longer for higligths then
> making a heavy coat and expose litthe for shadows...?)

Yes you can do all this manipulation but not just yet. Don't try to run
before you can walk. Lets produce a simple Monochrome print which you are
satisfied with first.

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