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Well, actually, Pete I came across a funny story of dichromate poisoning in
the BJP: a woman's hubby went to pick up her cough syrup from the local
pharmacy and when she took it, she died. They found that the pharmacist had
put, in the cough syrup, potassium bichromate instead of potassium
bicarbonate (or maybe it was sodium, each). Anyway, don't you think this is
a "likely story" since the hubby went to pick it up?? :)

Better not tell my hubby to get my prescription from Walmart, or he may not
get the $250,000 life insurance policy he has out on me.
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> Chris,
> Yes I have often thought of this and noticed those working with The salt
> Chromic acid are rather extreme in there attitudes could it be I wonder
> similar to Hatter's who often went mad by ingesting Mercury in there work.
> So we get the term " AS mad as a hatter " it would explain a lot.
> Pete
> > In my BJP research (very fascinating) I came across this term in
> > to gum printers. I thought it was very a propos those of us addicted to
> > process. It is sooo funny to read, week after week, some of the same
> > arguments we have now, hashed out back then (gum doesn't resolve fine
> > detail, carbon is better than gum, what to call the process in the first
> > place, who discovered it first, artistic vs scientific photography, acid
> > issues, and, of course, along the lines of our latest argument,
> > and sharpness. But no Walmart.)
> > Chris
> >
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