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Yes I have often thought of this and noticed those working with The salt of
Chromic acid are rather extreme in there attitudes could it be I wonder
similar to Hatter's who often went mad by ingesting Mercury in there work.
So we get the term " AS mad as a hatter " it would explain a lot. ;--<<


> In my BJP research (very fascinating) I came across this term in reference
> to gum printers. I thought it was very a propos those of us addicted to the
> process. It is sooo funny to read, week after week, some of the same
> arguments we have now, hashed out back then (gum doesn't resolve fine
> detail, carbon is better than gum, what to call the process in the first
> place, who discovered it first, artistic vs scientific photography, acid
> issues, and, of course, along the lines of our latest argument, archivalness
> and sharpness. But no Walmart.)
> Chris
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