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Sontag was a brave soul. When I met her in Paris in the 1970's after
beginning her treatments for cancer, she was mostly very defensive. I mean,
'Hello, I'm from California,' opening a conversation in a private setting;
and she went off on something or other.

Finally, she softened and apologized and found we agreed on most of her
opinions. Definately, her opinions. An interesting person.

Considering: The American Philosopher stands nude, garnished by those
surrounding them. Susan has very interesting friends supporting her.

She will remain living, in my mind.

S. Shapiro
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> Katharine,
> I just learnt Susan Sontag's death too.
> Many , many years ago, when seeking resources for helping me to build up
> own conceptions about photography, there were not so many authors who had
> tried to renew the traditional historico-technical views upon photography
> and reading Susan Sontag's work brought me an interesting point of view...
> Now, with far more reflexion, knowledge and work on the subject , I must
> recognize [like you] that I don't really share many of Susan's opinions,
> Leaving aside photography, I think she had interesting visions of the
> dangers brought by our economical systems and by some evolutions of our
> society. She was probably one of the most "European" american writers of
> time and , as she loved France, we often had the chance to listen to her
> the cultural radio channels or to read her articles/interviews in the
> She was always very good in debating with other thinkers, very clear in
> way of analysing society and expressing her ideas...
> Cheers from France,
> Jean
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> > Maybe this has already been noted here, but I just learned that Susan
> > Sontag has died. I never totally agreed with her writings about
> > photography, but she was an original thinker and there are few enough of
> > them left in this world. She will be missed.
> > Katharine Thayer
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