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I just learnt Susan Sontag's death too.
Many , many years ago, when seeking resources for helping me to build up my
own conceptions about photography, there were not so many authors who had
tried to renew the traditional historico-technical views upon photography
and reading Susan Sontag's work brought me an interesting point of view...
Now, with far more reflexion, knowledge and work on the subject , I must
recognize [like you] that I don't really share many of Susan's opinions,
Leaving aside photography, I think she had interesting visions of the
dangers brought by our economical systems and by some evolutions of our
society. She was probably one of the most "European" american writers of the
time and , as she loved France, we often had the chance to listen to her on
the cultural radio channels or to read her articles/interviews in the media.
She was always very good in debating with other thinkers, very clear in her
way of analysing society and expressing her ideas...

Cheers from France,

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> Maybe this has already been noted here, but I just learned that Susan
> Sontag has died. I never totally agreed with her writings about
> photography, but she was an original thinker and there are few enough of
> them left in this world. She will be missed.
> Katharine Thayer
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