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Date: 12/28/04-08:07:40 AM Z
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try taping the paper on a glass plate before you start. Do coating,
washing and drying while it is still taped on glass and cut it off
after that. The paper should be perfectly flat when dry.

Regards and best wishes for the coming New Year to everybody on this

Galina Manikova

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> Hi Folks,
> I have been applying liquid emulsion to handmade abaca paper, and
> then exposing and processing normally in the darkroom.  After washing,
> I have been drying the paper (face-up) on fiberglass screens.  The
> paper curls to such an extent that, even when placed  for days in a
> (cold) dry mount press, it emerges looking very wrinkled.  The paper
> is so beautiful when I begin, but it loses much of its appeal, and
> gains too much texture, after drying. 
> Would hanging two wet prints together with clothespins be a better
> solution?  Any other suggestions, please?
> Thanks,
> Rita
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