WAS: oil-print-glyoxal?? NOW: Halide Composition of Bottled Emulsions

From: Bill William ^lt;iodideshi@yahoo.co.jp>
Date: 12/28/04-07:08:06 AM Z
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--- Ryuji wrote:
I bet you don't print with chlorobromide emulsions....

Ryuji, you frequently say some very curious things.
Since we are discussing coating trouble on paper with
different degrees of sizing, I do not understand why you
felt it necessary to discuss the halides actually used
liquid emulsions (AgClBr or Ag BrI) The precise halide
content is totally irrelevant, but since you did bring it

>And I suspect most commercial liquid light emulsions >are

I think it is fair to ask... Why?

Judging from the 4 I have examined,
I do not share this view with you....

Why DO you suspect most commercial liquid light
(sic)emulsions are iodobromide?

Which emulsion(s) did you base this conclusion on?


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