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&gt;The simplest is to go to your fabric store and feel the felts they have
&gt;sale. I have seen both green and a whiskey color, deep yellow orange.
&gt;thickness or weight will depend on how tight you wish to make contact
&gt;between the negative, paper and the glass.
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&gt; &gt; I am building a contact printing frame for printing two 8x10&quot;
&gt; &gt; side by side (diptych).
&gt; &gt; For that I am looking for the material used by almost all
&gt; &gt; to cover the wood hinged back. It's something like a thin and very
&gt; &gt; felt.
&gt; &gt; If somebody knows the name and where to find that kind of
material, I
&gt; &gt; will be
&gt; &gt; happy to learn.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; Philippe
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