Re: inkjet negative density with Epson 2200 printer

Date: 12/27/04-12:31:39 PM Z
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For media settings, Premium Glossy Photo Paper lays down the most ink—luster
and semigloss are next highest. As far as profiles—don't use them because
your curve will have to undo them. Set output (printer) profile to Same as
Source in the Print With Preview Window. Unfortunately, Epson in its wisdom
decided not to inlcude the media setting for Premium Glossy Photo Paper in the 4000
driver and one has to wonder why. The printer does have a different
dithering pattern than the other Ultrachrome printers. By using the Luster media
setting and increasing the amount of ink in the Ink Configuration window you can
compensate for this.

Increasing the ink density may vary with printer drivers and it is a feature
with the newer drivers, such as the 2200, 4000, etc.

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> Ok, I'll take a look at that setting.  Thanks for the tip.  Does anyone
> know if one profile tends to lay down more ink than another (glossy vs matte or
> some of the other newer profiles available for download from the Epson web
> site)?
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