Re: inkjet negative density with Epson 2200 printer

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Date: 12/27/04-12:25:38 PM Z
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Are you printing with black ink only or are you using all the colors to
produces B&W negatives?
Marek Matusz

> Greetings all,
> While calibrating my curve for kallitype printing I noticed that it was
> nearly impossible to achieve a pure black without degrading the pure
> whites at the same time because light was still transmitting through the
> 100% black square on the step tab. I am currently using a non-colorized
> (B&W) negative with the 2200 matte paper profile on Pictorico OHP film.
> What can be done to improve the ink density on the negative to allow for
> pure whites on the print?
> Michael Klemmer
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