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That was the alternate title to my book: Precision Pain Relief For Those Who
Hate To Suffer The Curse of the Curve


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> On Sat, 18 Dec 2004, Sandy King wrote:
> > If only he did not make pictures of naked women I would support
> canonization
> > of our beloved Mark Nelson as St. Mark the Patient. Would it not be
> wonderful
> > for Mark to wind up in the same heavenly abode where reside Santa Teresa
> de
> > Jesus, San Juan de la Cruz, and Mother Teresa (already Santa Teresa, no?)
> I don't know if it's moreĀ  egregious than nekkid ladies, or the other way
> around, but Mother Teresa is reputedly demoted from sainthood by some
> for refusing pain relief to the dying, on grounds something like -- well,
> all I can remember is "suffering is good for the soul."
> Judy

Mark Nelson
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