Re: CMYK separations: a correction RGB Canonization

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I'm not sure if saints and/or angels wear leather or not...maybe leather
sandels? Well, we'll both find out after we pass through the pearly gates and
seek out Madonna....

You wouldn't be the first person to suggest that I be canonized—but being
shot from a canon without a Helmet ( Newton) is not my idea of a good way to try
to defy gravity (Isaac Newton).

Thanks for the kind thoughts though ;)

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> If only he did not make pictures of naked women I
> would support canonization of our beloved Mark
> Nelson as St. Mark the Patient. Would it not be
> wonderful for Mark to wind up in the same
> heavenly abode where reside Santa Teresa de
> Jesus, San Juan de la Cruz, and Mother Teresa
> (already Santa Teresa, no?)
> Gee, wonder if he would try to photograph them "en cuero" ?
> Sandy
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