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Almost any water color paper will work. If you want a sharp, detailed image,
use a hot-press paper.
For an impressionistic look use a cold press paper. Avoid any buffered
papers since the alkali will cause bleaching of the cyanotype image.

Pre-coated paper will not last long in high humidity environments. If the
humidity is 20-30% or less the sensitized paper might be good for a day or
two. Generally cyanotype sensitized paper should be used right away.

The sun is a strong UV source even in the winter. Print until the shadows
turn purple.

A lot of people live in New York. I'm sorry you can't live in a nice
environment like West Virginia but
you can work through this disability. ;-)

Bob Schramm

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&gt;From: Carmen Lizardo &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Adivse on cynotype
&gt;Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 19:28:28 -0800 (PST)
&gt;Dear List,
&gt;I nee some advise for Cyanotype. Which papers are the
&gt;most successful ones, and which one should I avoid?
&gt;How long can I keep pre-coat cyanotype paper before
&gt;Is it feasible to print outside in the winter, or is
&gt;the sun too weak at that time of the year? I live in
&gt;New York...
&gt;many, many thanks!
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