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From: Isabella M. Trauttmansdorff ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/10/04-08:23:37 AM Z
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I'm in Philadelphia, which is not too far away.... I've been printing
cyanotypes although the exposures are quite long (30-45 minutes!) and I
have to keep chasing the sunlight around. Best hours are between 11am
and 2pm. After that, the light changes much too quickly to keep up.
Looking forward to spring already...

PS. Thanks to all for the cyanotype-on-fabric advice. Haven't gotten
around to making the t-shirts yet because of all this rain!

Carmen Lizardo <> said:

> Dear List,
> I nee some advise for Cyanotype. Which papers are the
> most successful ones, and which one should I avoid?
> How long can I keep pre-coat cyanotype paper before
> exposure?
> Is it feasible to print outside in the winter, or is
> the sun too weak at that time of the year? I live in
> New York...
> many, many thanks!
> Carmen
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