RE: Scanner recommendation to... scan hands and objects?

From: Jeremy Moore ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/09/04-06:24:22 PM Z
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With the progress technology in the last 2 years any modern scanner can
do this. I would recommend one of the very thin Canon scanners as it
would be very portable and I think they are USB powered (so you wouldn't
need to plug it in). As an additional suggestion, think about bringing
some transparencies with you to lay on the glass to keep the oil from
ruining scans after the first one.


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Subject: Scanner recommendation to... scan hands and objects?

Dear List,
I need your advise about buying a scanner. I want to
use the scanner as a copy machine or a camera to
acquire handprints from people. Since I will be
soliciting the handprints in a public setting, I will
be using a laptop and I imagine that I would need a
fast, lightweight scanner. I don't need to scan film
or any other materials with this scanner, but fast,
and somewhat high resolution will be nice.

What do you think about the HP Scanjet 4670 See-thru
Vertical Scanner?
Is so cool looking! But I am sure if maybe there is
something better for my purpose.
Thank you so very kindly for your generous help,

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