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Cool, Thanks Chris. Is your working curve something proprietary in nature or can you share your hard work gains? Which film from Photo
Warehouse? How does it compare to pictorico?

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  Thanks, John!
       I am so embarassed. I sent two emails twice because they never went to
  the list. Then when I noticed others sending "test" messages I emailed
  Gordy about the problem. Poor guy; he probably got 600 emails. So I
  apologize for double emails, guys; I thought it was my server, not the list,
  at first.
       I also noticed a spam made it on the web mirror! Is that a first?
      Anyway, my thesis statement will be on line, but my whole
  thesis...hmmm....I don't think so. It's so easy to pirate writing that way.
  I learned the hard way, once, by sending someone a whole book I had written
  in pdf format. NEVER again.
       Tim O'Neil, some are straight gums, most gum over cyano, digital negs
  on the 2200 Epson, PhotoWarehouse film, not Dan B's curve. RGB negs.
       I'll tell ya, it is so nice to have someone (this list) to send a URL
  to who actually gets excited about your images. I mean, if I send them to
  my family, they're like, "ho hum, where are the sunsets over a lake, or
  horses cavorting thru the field?" kind of thing. I'm exaggerating, of
  course, but you get the gist. They don't find the irony of fish in a tank at
  a sushi restaurant very funny.
       Ray, unfortunately I don't design the site; I just submit images.

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> Chris,
> GREAT STUFF!!! Keep up the good work. Will your thesis be on line?
> Loved
> the tires and the squirrel. They have been added to my visual dictionary.
> Thanks,
> John Roseborough
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> Subject: my work online finally
>> (This is weird; I got hardly any posts yesterday, and this I sent
> yesterday
>> and it never showed up on the list, so I am reposting. Maybe it is just
> my
>> server, but I noticed Darryl did a test today, too, so presumably someone
>> else is wondering.)
>> Hi all,
>> I have about 20 images of my gums online now at the school's Lee Gallery
>> website:
>> Scroll down til you see my name and the tires in the woods image, and
>> then
>> click on "see additional works here" on the left side of the tire image .
>> These may or may not be in my thesis show, depending on what direction my
>> work takes between now and April :) but at least you can see the range of
>> color available with RGB negs.
>> Chris
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