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Whoops, in reading my email it seems I am talking about the grinding of the
pot di; Ware's requires grinding of the pot **ferri**, not di.
Charles, thanks for posting that you can mix the pot ferri "wet" instead of
grinding! That would be so much easier. So ignore my recommendations for
roller pinning it, Michael, and go the liquid route. One less tool to
dedicate to the darkroom...
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> Michael,
> I bet you are talking about Ware's cyano, and here's a trick I devised to
> crush the crystals for that (Kate, no, you don't need to for gum printing,
> but for Ware's you're supposed to): keep the crystals in the plastic bag,
> or put them in another plastic bag. Roller them with a rolling pin while
> in the plastic bag. They'll crush, and yet stay inside. It has worked
> every time for me and I have mixed up quite a few Ware's. make sure the
> plastic bag is of a thickness that the crystals won't cut thru--ziploc
> works fine.
> Chris
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>> Are there some tricks or basic practices to minimizing toxic dust kicking
>> up
>> when mixing powders into solution? I'm putting together my first
>> cyanotype
>> and gum kits so
>> I guess the main ones I'm concerned about are the ammonium and potassium
>> dichromates. I'll be wearing gloves, goggles and a mask. I was also
>> wondering if anyone has ever used a "pill crusher" rather than a mortar
>> and
>> pestle for grinding crystals?
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