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I bet you are talking about Ware's cyano, and here's a trick I devised to
crush the crystals for that (Kate, no, you don't need to for gum printing,
but for Ware's you're supposed to): keep the crystals in the plastic bag,
or put them in another plastic bag. Roller them with a rolling pin while in
the plastic bag. They'll crush, and yet stay inside. It has worked every
time for me and I have mixed up quite a few Ware's. make sure the plastic
bag is of a thickness that the crystals won't cut thru--ziploc works fine.
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Subject: Handling Toxic Chemicals

> Are there some tricks or basic practices to minimizing toxic dust kicking
> up
> when mixing powders into solution? I'm putting together my first cyanotype
> and gum kits so
> I guess the main ones I'm concerned about are the ammonium and potassium
> dichromates. I'll be wearing gloves, goggles and a mask. I was also
> wondering if anyone has ever used a "pill crusher" rather than a mortar
> and
> pestle for grinding crystals?
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