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Date: 12/07/04-12:35:30 PM Z
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These are just awesome. I can't decide which I like best. They are all
very kewl. Kudos.

I'm assuming they are combination prints using a cyanotype first layer.
Zat so?

I'm going to attempt a couple combination prints using the method you
and Sam have so graciously shared online. I have a question though. My
preliminary tests have the cyanotype layer printing stronger than the
subsequent gum layers. I'm wondering if you can alter the color a bit
warmer after everything has printed by bleaching back the cyanotype
layer using a mild alkali solution. Or maybe the hardened gum layers
seal the cyanotype and prevent that from happening. Hmmm.

Anyways. I really like your work and look forward to seeing some of
these in person. Are you planning on attending APIS this coming year?


>>> 12/07/04 9:27 AM >>>
(This is weird; I got hardly any posts yesterday, and this I sent
and it never showed up on the list, so I am reposting. Maybe it is just
server, but I noticed Darryl did a test today, too, so presumably
else is wondering.)

Hi all,
I have about 20 images of my gums online now at the school's Lee Gallery
Scroll down til you see my name and the tires in the woods image, and
click on "see additional works here" on the left side of the tire image
These may or may not be in my thesis show, depending on what direction
work takes between now and April :) but at least you can see the range
color available with RGB negs.
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