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(Weird again; I posted and it didn't go to the list so I am reposting this
message, below. Wonder what's up? I noticed a spam is on the list
archives, too...)
Website is down at the moment, Galina, I notice. I bet that is because
17,000 grades are being submitted as it is the end of finals week almost, so
try it again in a while...
Hi Mark and all others who commented on my work,
     Thank you all for taking the time to even look!
         Mark, I am glad you see the humor in my work. To address Steve
Shapiro's comment about despair, those who know me know I have a wicked and
bawdy sense of humor. Steve, I see the images not as despairing but as
darkly humorous. I think they will make much more sense with my artist
statement, which will soon be up on the website, too, but thanks for the
observation. I find life just a total hoot, even in its "cellulite".
     All images are RGB. OH, not the For Sale image; that is a BW neg, as
are a couple of the love comic composites.
     The road kill image, which I NEVER usually do, was sooo amazing in its
flatness. I could not believe it, that an animal could get that flat. Only
in the South, where there is so much moisture, and apparently so few birds
to haul away the dead stuff.
     Marek, the sharpness of the tire image--it actually was that color and
that way. I went back over the group of images and realized that all were
taken digitally, with a not so special point and shoot, albeit a 5m. one.
For the most part, these are straight images. All on PhotoWarehouse OHP
film, except the smaller 8x10's which were on cheapy stuff from Staples. The
tire image is an 11x17.
     The sharpness comes from several things: I use a cyano first layer. I
register visually over a lightbox that I bought from Jerry's Artarama for
$200. And I do use unsharp mask right before I output to my printer, at
200%, 0.5 radius.
     I hope this answers any questions. The scans are true to the images.
     And yes, if my work is honed it is because I happen to be down here at
a great grad school with a great teacher, Sam, probably one of the most
humble people I know. He NEVER toots his own horn; that is why I do the
tootin' for him. Somebody's gotta.

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Thanks for sending the website showing your work-it's great! Loved it.
Very creative using the cartoon/image combination. I loved the image of
tire graveyard in the forrest. I'm assuming that is a full color Gum with
Cyanotype. The colors look so accurate! Did you use RGB or CMYK for that?

Congratulations again on the fine work. You've also got a great teacher
there-Sam Wang.

By the way-I usually don't like roadkill images at all because they are
and tiresome, but the squirrel with the tire tread marks is great-it has a
rather humorous and abstract "flavor" to it-though I doubt the squirrel
found it
humorous. The squirrel looked flat enough that you could have used it for
photogram-or Squirrelogram.

Best Wishes and good luck with your MFA!
Mark Nelson

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i would like to see the site too, but the link has an error and it is
not reachable from my Mac...

Could you check it?


Galina Manikova

På 7. des. 2004 kl. 15:27 skrev Christina Z. Anderson:

> (This is weird; I got hardly any posts yesterday, and this I sent
> yesterday and it never showed up on the list, so I am reposting. Maybe it
> is just my server, but I noticed Darryl did a test today, too, so
> presumably someone else is wondering.)
> Hi all,
> I have about 20 images of my gums online now at the school's Lee Gallery
> website:
> Scroll down til you see my name and the tires in the woods image, and then
> click on "see additional works here" on the left side of the tire image .
> These may or may not be in my thesis show, depending on what direction my
> work takes between now and April :) but at least you can see the range of
> color available with RGB negs.
> Chris
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