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Oh, don't you worry. The Germans overwhelm Siena by the droves. When I visited, the
only tourists besides the two of the us were Germans. The place only ever got quiet late
at night, because none of them stayed in town past the last beer. I don't know where
they stayed, but none of them actually stayed overnight in Siena like we did. Which
means that dawn in Siena also is a very nice time!


On 7 Dec 2004 at 21:17, Susan Huber wrote:

  Thanks Jan, it seem that Siena is a city tha isn't much visited
  unless you are Italian. I once lived and went to school in Mexico
  and only the Mexicans knwe that is was and is; the cultural center.
  Always, Susan
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    For me, Siena is the nicest city to visit, and the landscape south
    of Siena (the Crete) is classic.

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      Dear List;
      I hope I am doing this right... I am enquiring as to whether
      there are Italian photographers on this list that could advise
      me/ other travellers recommending nice, small cities for 2 weeks
      in Oct. 2005. I don't want to stay in 4 star accommodations-(no
      hotels) and wish to find out about type of camera (is the 6 by 9
      ideal) that is easy to travel with. I like Umbria and or;
      Tuscany areas. I know this a big request- any suggestions are
      very much welcomed. Thanks, Susan


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