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  Thanks Jan, it seem that Siena is a city tha isn't much visited unless you are Italian.
  I once lived and went to school in Mexico and only the Mexicans knwe that is was and is; the cultural center.
  Always, Susan
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    For me, Siena is the nicest city to visit, and the landscape south of Siena (the Crete) is classic.

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      Subject: travel in Italy- from a photographer's view

      Dear List;
      I hope I am doing this right... I am enquiring as to whether there are Italian photographers on this list that could advise me/ other travellers recommending nice, small cities for 2 weeks in Oct. 2005.
      I don't want to stay in 4 star accommodations-(no hotels) and wish to find out about type of camera (is the 6 by 9 ideal) that is easy to travel with.
      I like Umbria and or; Tuscany areas.
      I know this a big request- any suggestions are very much welcomed.

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