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Thanks for sending the website showing your work—it's great! Loved it.
Very creative using the cartoon/image combination. I loved the image of the
tire graveyard in the forrest. I'm assuming that is a full color Gum with
Cyanotype. The colors look so accurate! Did you use RGB or CMYK for that?

Congratulations again on the fine work. You've also got a great teacher
there—Sam Wang.

By the way—I usually don't like roadkill images at all because they are yucky
and tiresome, but the squirrel with the tire tread marks is great—it has a
rather humorous and abstract "flavor" to it—though I doubt the squirrel found it
humorous. The squirrel looked flat enough that you could have used it for a
photogram—or Squirrelogram.

Best Wishes and good luck with your MFA!
Mark Nelson
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> Hi all,
> I have about 20 images of my gums online now at the school's Lee Gallery
> website:
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