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Date: 12/07/04-12:49:45 PM Z
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Great examples of gums. The photo with tires is my favorite. I have been
looking at it a couple time today and it struck me that it has a very
"crisp" feel to it with well defined shadows. Is it the result of post
processing of the scan, or is the photo like it in real life?

Marek Matusz

> (This is weird; I got hardly any posts yesterday, and this I sent
> yesterday
> and it never showed up on the list, so I am reposting. Maybe it is just
> my
> server, but I noticed Darryl did a test today, too, so presumably someone
> else is wondering.)
> Hi all,
> I have about 20 images of my gums online now at the school's Lee Gallery
> website:
> Scroll down til you see my name and the tires in the woods image, and then
> click on "see additional works here" on the left side of the tire image .
> These may or may not be in my thesis show, depending on what direction my
> work takes between now and April :) but at least you can see the range of
> color available with RGB negs.
> Chris
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