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Immediately after placing your print in water and getting it good and
soaked, like maybe when it has soaked about 5 minutes, spray forcefully with
a water bottle, a cheapy from Walmart for instance. The kind you get in the
garden or makeup section. My brand is called Bottle Crew and it has an
adjustable valve. I spray quite forcefully, put it back in the water, and
spray again in a bit.
Sometimes, initially with the spray method, it looks grainy, but a further
soak gets rid of that graininess, so don't despair if it looks grainy
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> All,
> To take a break from all the RGB/CMY discussion I have a question to all
> experienced gum printers (and others that just like to experiment). I
> would like to develop my gums to a crisp white. I sieze my papers, so I
> don't get any stain, but there is usually a very thin vail of color left.
> I can rub it off with my finger, or a brush, but this is very crude. I
> have been using a shower head to clear the highlights, but that tends to
> leave a grainy look. I am wondering if others have tried other methods of
> "forced" development, like maybe sawdust, or even sand in the tray. Any
> chemical means to accomplish that?
> Marek Matusz
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