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Date: 12/05/04-02:37:56 PM Z
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Hi Maria,
First is that your print will be the same size of your negative.
By this meaning that if your negative is a 35 mm B&W (and you don't want
that small size) you need to print a positive B&W on a translucent paper of
the same size of your final print. With this positive then you produce a
negative that you will be using to produce your gum print.
The following steps are basically the same as we have been discussing for
digital negatives gum printing which is to prepare your potassium dichromate
sensitive emulsion to mix with your gum and black pigment.
The dichormate concentration varies according to your UV source (solar or
lamp type).
Obviously if you are in Sweden your solar UV is not the same if you are in
the tropics.
You should find plenty of information allover.

>From: maria ahlberg <>
>Subject: Digital neg
>Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 19:45:51 +0000
>Hi i am new to the list ,my name is Maria and i live in Sweden. I have been
>doing gum prints with half tone film.
>Now i would like to try doing gum prints from a digital negative. I would
>like to start from a digital negative in black and white.
>Could anywone tell me how to do this. I would be very glad for an answer.
>Maria Ahlberg
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