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Date: 12/03/04-11:07:29 AM Z
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> From: Joe Smigiel []
> Agreed, but I have a question. While I found the discussion
> on the site
> illuminating, I'm wondering if you (Jason) have actually run
> any digital
> negatives from the RGB/CMY/CMYK separated files and compared results
> using actual gum and pigments on paper. We are after all viewing the
> online files with an RGB additive device rather than a
> subtractive print
> medium. Do the results translate similarly? I think that is the crux
> of this entire discussion.

No, I think I stated pretty clearly that I have no practical experience
printing gum (yet). It was just a mental exercise to see what might happen
in a (theoretical) gum process that was repeatable and predictable (ha!).
For me it's just the foundation of understanding that I will work from when
I start to explore printing for real. I make no claims that it "proves"
anything. I'd love to see others' experimental results, and will certainly
share mine when I start doing some printing.
> In relation to soft-proofing via the monitor, I would think
> getting the
> color management down in Photoshop for gum printing would be
> a nightmare
> due to all the little quirks and nuances of the process and
> practitioners. It is difficult enough using a stable output
> device such
> as an inkjet printer as opposed to an unstable gum printer.

Perhaps you're right, but even if the later steps are somewhat
unpredictable, it couldn't hurt to start off on the right foot. Maybe this
is more applicable to something other than gum, or maybe it's useless for
alt process entirely; I don't know.

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