Re: Digital Negs - RGB vs CMYK

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Date: 12/03/04-10:09:42 AM Z
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>>> 12/03/04 9:58 AM >>>
Hi all,
Jason DeFontes... What a
wonderful setup you have done for the discussion!... >>>

Agreed, but I have a question. While I found the discussion on the site
illuminating, I'm wondering if you (Jason) have actually run any digital
negatives from the RGB/CMY/CMYK separated files and compared results
using actual gum and pigments on paper. We are after all viewing the
online files with an RGB additive device rather than a subtractive print
medium. Do the results translate similarly? I think that is the crux
of this entire discussion.

In relation to soft-proofing via the monitor, I would think getting the
color management down in Photoshop for gum printing would be a nightmare
due to all the little quirks and nuances of the process and
practitioners. It is difficult enough using a stable output device such
as an inkjet printer as opposed to an unstable gum printer.


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