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Date: 08/31/04-05:10:40 PM Z
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Rocky and all,

 Thanks to Marek Matusz in Houston for inviting Duane Douthit and myself
(Rocky Boudreaux) to view the traveling portfolio in his home this last
Saturday. Also thanks to his wife for the excellent home treats (those who
didn't come really missed out on a double pleasure).

Sorry I missed the get together it, sounds like you all had a good get

Overall the portfolio is a fine example on many different styles of
Historical Processes. Thanks to all of you for sharing!

You've expressed the essence of the purpose of the APTP. I encourage those
of you that want to see what different processes look like and more
importantly what different photographers/artists can do with those processes
to participate in the APTP. And to those of you that have seen and done it
all why not share your vision with those that haven't been so fortunate to
see a lot of divergent work.

The works included in the traveling portfolio are not what you are going to
see at your local camera club or for that matter probably not what you can
look at your local art space. I apologize for not having a web site to view
the work in the APTP but seeing a web image is no substitute for seeing the
real deal. As an example, one can never experience the secret of the
daguerreotype online.

Personally I never see enough depth contrast and detail in the VDBs. As I
have never done the process personally I can't say if it is the process or
the print.

The VDB included with this round isn't a great example of VDB printing. It
was included to show the effects of bleaching back over printed prints with
selenium toner. Excellent VDBs can be produced especially when toned
properly. For the record I always double coat the paper which gives the
depth of contrast you speak of.

There was so much good work included with this portfolio, I wish the entire
list could get to see it.

Thanks for the encouraging words,

Don Bryant
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