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Thanks for taking the time on commenting. The buttons is actually red.
Everything in the cement factory is covered in a fine gray dust, so what
you're seeing is the red thru the dust. The actual photograph that was
used for this image is :

Neither the colors, nor their placement in these prints have been made
up.. and if anything, they are less saturated than the actual colors
(the result of having pigments laid down on uncoated watercolor paper).
I guess it's a matter of where someone is coming from. Most color
photographers object to the colors because they are too mute, b/w
photographers because they too vivid :^)

I guess the bottom line is they satisfy me, and I sell a lot of them :^)

Thanks for looking at my images. I've only been doing alt-processes for
about 8 months (ciba and b/w fiber for about 20 yrs though).


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                Jim Collun - Hope I spelled that correctly, my hand
writing is terrible. Platinum over Pigment is interesting but I found
the colors too intense. The scene with the pipes and guard rails worked
better then the Red Button which is actually pink. Why not a pink
button, I asked? The button looked like a pasted on sticker. Perhaps if
the edges were feathered or the tones were more muted it would have
pleased me more. Little more finesse would help but we agreed that we
could all feel the dust or powder. The broad range of gray tones was
wonderful and well executed. I'll need to try the Pigment over some day.
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