Re: Camera film for enlarged negatives?

From: Jeff Morris ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/28/04-07:23:48 AM Z
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Processing the ortho film in Selectol-soft (or even dilute Dektol) will
also help with the contrast and control.

On Saturday, August 28, 2004, at 08:12 AM, Dave Rose wrote:

> I use 4x5 camera film to create interpositives, then enlarge the
> images onto
> lith film for a final negative. You can always use neutral density
> filters
> to 'slow down' exposures, thus gaining a greater degree of control.
> I've
> never had a problem using camera film during this process.
> Lith film is less expensive than camera film and it's easier to deal
> with
> since you can use it under a red safelight. Continuous tone camera
> film
> offers the advantage of lower contrast.
> Best regards,
> Dave Rose
> Powell, Wyoming
>> Hi,
>> Does the speed of regular camera film make it a big problem
>> for use in making enlarged negatives?
>> Would I be better off using the Freestlye ortho film?
>> Imput is appreciated!
>> thanks,
>> Robert Newcomb
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