Re: glyoxal testing anyone?

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Date: 08/27/04-09:10:40 PM Z
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On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> paper inside in dark in full air
> paper inside in ziploc in dark
> Does this address all the possible ideas that have come up as to the cause?
> Light and dark, Air circulation or no air, using paper right away or storing
> for later. glyoxal in gelatin or not. What am I missing because I'm sure
> there is something (don't tell me a brain or common sense). **Special
> requests*, or others that would like do this with me (Don)?

Christina, I think of two other variables -- one I've noticed and the
other I've wondered about: The first is thickness of the gelatin: I've
noticed yellowing along an edge where a bead of gelatin had dripped when
the rest of the sheet was fine. I doubt you can ring that variation on
all your other variables (where that would end knows god !!), but it might
be possible in one or two.

The other is water... Maybe after you persuade some combo to yellow you
could repeat with distilled?

> It'll take me several months, so don't hold your breath.

Well actually I am holding my breath. You are poised to contribute to
the sum total of human knowledge (possibly !).

good luck,


  That is how long I
> was gone from the paper that yellowed inside, in full air, room light, not
> washed, and not used right away, and aquarelle. If there is any yellowing
> then I can narrow down and do a second test thereafter.
> Chris
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