Re: glyoxal testing anyone?

Date: 08/27/04-02:38:47 PM Z
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I've heard a couple of times that the ratio of glyoxal to gelatine (I
guess for mixing them together) makes a difference in terms of yellowing.
I have not come across a standard mix, everybody has their own favorite. I
have used different concentrations of both gelatine and glyoxal in the
past, but I could not tell if it made a difference, mostly because I don't
keep old seized papers around. Since you are already investigating so many
variable it would be nice to add this to your study as well.
Marek Matusz

> Hey,
> I want to do a "yellowing" test. Anyone else done this yet and
> therefore save me the hassle? Clay and Kerik? Altho I ordered the glyoxal
> it is a fresh batch.
> This is what I have considered:
> (one paper type at first--Fab Artistico)
> glyoxal mixed in gelatin
> glyoxal not mixed in gelatin but glyoxal bath later
> paper left outside in sun in ziploc
> paper left outside in sun in full air
> (this will have heat as a factor, too, tho)
> paper left inside in ziploc
> paper left inside in full air
> paper soaked and rinsed right away
> paper inside in dark in full air
> paper inside in ziploc in dark
> Does this address all the possible ideas that have come up as to the
> cause?
> Light and dark, Air circulation or no air, using paper right away or
> storing
> for later. glyoxal in gelatin or not. What am I missing because I'm
> sure
> there is something (don't tell me a brain or common sense). **Special
> requests*, or others that would like do this with me (Don)?
> It'll take me several months, so don't hold your breath. That is how long
> I
> was gone from the paper that yellowed inside, in full air, room light, not
> washed, and not used right away, and aquarelle. If there is any yellowing
> then I can narrow down and do a second test thereafter.
> Chris
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