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Does anyone else out there do imaging on alternative substrates?
Et al?

Me, I have my own process for imaging onto fabrics -- I then create
wallhangings, small sculpted works, sometime combined with woodworking, and
sometimes digital-driven embroidery, some functional items. I'm hoping to
move into wearable one-of-a-kind pieces. Dealing with imagery ON the human
body is a tricky one, I think. I'm afraid of just being gaudy -- like a lot
of fashion in the '80's IMHO.
Regarding the traveling portfolio: This sounds like something that could be
done outside of the online group -- lending a portfolio to potential
clients, no? There could be a credit card deposit made on it. And of course
there could be MULTIPLE portfolios! Whatcha'll think?
Currently reading: "Towards a Philosophy of ..." by Vilem Flusser,
translated from German (1984).

Flusser refers to photographs/photography (without mentioning other
apparatus) as "technical images". These are opposed to "traditional
images", which would be paintings, drawings, etc. So far, in a nutshell, he
seems to say that these "technical" images were originally meant to provide
a way to make concepts imaginable and accessible --- to bring together what
he sees a triple split in civilization in the 19th century between the
arts, science and what he calls "cheap" texts (early mass media and public

The terms seem particular to this author, or at least the translator and
it's a slow read. Anyone read this already?
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